Survival Systems is the largest power electronics staffing firm in the country, we connect clients with seasoned professionals. Our mission is to provide top tier recruitment services to help our clients create Smarter, Cleaner, Better Energy.

Our History

Our roots stem from 1973 and we were twice named in INC Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing corporations in the United States. Survival Systems' team of Account Executives has been dedicated to serving technical electronic manufacturers specifically in the Semiconductors, Analog and Power Electronics Industries for over twenty years.

The candidates we place have stayed with our clients 22% longer than the national average for technical professional employees. Dennis Nickerson and Sandy Schrieber, our principals, are past board of the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) and the California Staffing Professionals (CSP).

"What separates Survival Systems in their profession is [they have] always taken the time and effort necessary to determine what we are really looking for... and will often make suggestions in conducting a search that we may not have contemplated. We truly enjoy working with Survival Systems and would strongly recommend Survival Systems for any staffing requirements."

VP Human Resources, Rantec Microwave & Electronics, Inc.
Personnel Manager, Rantec Microwave & Electronics, Inc.

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President's Message

Survival Systems, along with our clients and the economy, continue to grow. Looking at our growth and others, we have one thing in common; the ability to both accept change and respond to it quickly.

Change brings with it many opportunities - both obvious and hidden. Keep your senses open. Often times we need a push to make a decision. Change helps us in many ways. I don't think I am alone - it seems we are all running at top speed. Each of you have probably taken on additional responsibility and had to adapt to the added stresses. Keep your eyes open for new tools and new ways of doing things. There are times when you can't achieve your goal by simply working harder. Work smarter!

Professionals tend to assess their careers every 3 to 5 years. Look further. What are your dreams? Dreams, supported with plans, become our goals. Do you have your sights on becoming a company president, or to develop a patentable product? You have to ensure some of the steps you are taking are propelling you in the right direction. Without your goals, you are without a compass.

We are all equal because we are limited by the same factor: Time. Approach your career growth as you would if you were leading a company: assess your talents, unite with other talents, and remember to use the tools around you. Hold a steady course- follow your plan- grow your career. Look at your career as a sole proprietorship, with an eye on the bottom line.

With the variety of mergers and acquisitions, the current forecast is strong. This year will likely be an excellent growth year in electronics.

Company leaders are beginning to truly see that their limitations are the direct result of lack of human resource talent. Their company goals cannot be met without investing in knowledge - a uniquely human possession.

Our goal is to further specialize and continue to develop better communication processes that will afford each electronics professional greater career options. We desire a personal relationship to assist you in better knowing your dreams, realizing your plans and enabling you to reach your career goals.

Dennis Nickerson
Survival Systems Staffing


Our Promise to Serve You

We realize that there are many facets to the hiring process we can not control. Nonetheless, we promise to work diligently for you. When you retain Survival Systems, we become part of your team.

We will bend over backwards to maintain your satisfaction with our high quality of our service. While some searches may be more difficult than others, we will keep you informed as to the progress of each search. We want your active participation. You will provide fundamental assistance in the development of our plan of attack to locate the right individual for your company.

If you feel you need some additional attention, please don't hesitate to ask for help. We invite you to call Dennis Nickerson directly and give us feedback on how we can improve.

We want you to be happy with our services! Email or call us at (805) 650-8888.

Commitment to Customers

Sandy Schrieber-Nickerson of Survival Systems accepts 1995 First Place Awards Handed to her by: Diane Callis, President, National Association Personnel Services.

Being singled out and recognized by our peers is a sincere honor. During the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) 1995 Annual Conference in Philadelphia, Survival Systems was honored, and garnered 3 of 4 possible awards out of 2000 members.

Survival Systems accepted First Place Awards in two categories: 1995 Commitment to the Customer for our dedication and excellence in quality to our customers and 1995 Commitment to the Industry for promoting a positive professional image of the personnel industry. Our third 1995 award was a Merit Recognition for Commitment to Employees.

Closer to home, the California Staffing Pfofessionals (CSP), honored Survival Systems at the Annual Conference in 1995 as 'Corporate Member of the Year'.

Philosophies & Policies

You Should Know Us & You Probably Already Do

Survival Systems was founded with a goal: to provide high quality, cost effective client-centered recruiting services. We focus our attention on best suiting the needs of our clients, and growing in partnership with them. We have always been motivated by the firmly held belief that our success rests on the continued success and prosperity of our clients.


Survival Systems values its' reputation for professionalism and integrity. The following policies are congruent with the National Association of Personnel Services ethics recommendations of which we are members in good standing:

Survival Systems will extend professional service to all qualified candidates regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, income level, or disability.

A candidate's employment record, qualifications and salary requirements shall be stated to the client as stated to us. We encourage you to reference and verify information. All information is to remain confidential, and should be used on a need-to-know basis only.

Candidates placed by Survival Systems shall not be solicited for other positions while they are in the employ of the client, unless the candidate initiates reactivation of his/her application or posts their resume on the Internet.

Survival Systems is the world's largest search firm in the Electronics Industry. A large percentage of the professionals are registered and on file with us. We have a fiduciary responsibility to keep these professionals confidential, thereby we are not able to offer a 'hands-off' policy for those employees which have not been placed with your company by Survival Systems.

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